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Fourteen Year 9 science students have recently been on a STEM trip to UCLAN with Miss Riches and Mr Henderson. At the Young Scientist Centre, they were able to carry out practical research on magnets and motors. During the day they investigated magnetic fields, saw a working maglev track in action and were able to construct two different motors that used magnets and the properties of electro-magnets to generate movement. They were able to make and operate a Gauss Gun, and a competition was run to see who could fire their ball bearing the furthest. They also successfully constructed working loudspeakers using magnets, wire and different-sized paper and plastic cups.

The students commented:

Emma ” I enjoyed testing the electromagnet”
Harvey ” I enjoyed making the different types of motors”
Millie ” I enjoying making the Gauss gun”

The day was a great opportunity to carry out complex physics practicals while having a fun time.