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World Record Readers!

5 July, 2016

On Friday 24th June 2016 our book-loving students broke a Guinness World Record!Book cover

Our Year 7 students participated in an attempt to set a new World Record for the greatest number of people reading the same book at the same time. The book chosen for this attempt was JK Rowling‘s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and the students read along as their tutors read aloud the opening chapters. (You can watch JK Rowling herself reading the book aloud here.)


Previously, the largest reading lesson at multiple venues involved 3,509 participants and was achieved by Eastbourne area Secondary Schools, across 8 venues in the UK, on the 2nd of July 2014. For this attempt, 75 schools were involved across the whole country. We are delighted to report that over 4,000 pupils took part and the record has been officially smashed!


Reading circles
Reading in circles


Well done to all our keen readers! (And a pat on the back to Miss Cross for organising our end.) Students have the option of purchasing Guinness commemorative certificates, and the Academy will receive free books in recognition of our efforts and our love of reading.


Deep in the Deathly Hallows
Deep in the Deathly Hallows

If you love reading, you can read more about this event on the Lancashire Telegraph‘s website, here.