Witton Park Academy Students Commemorating the Holocaust

1 February, 2024

Witton Park Academy takes immense pride in its students, not just for academic achievements but also for their commitment to broader societal values. Recently, a distinguished group of Year 11 students from our school had the honor of representing us at Blackburn with Darwen’s annual event dedicated to commemorating the Holocaust.

A Solemn Gathering at the Council Chambers

The event unfolded at the Council Chambers, bringing together diverse participants such as the Interfaith Forum, other local high schools, and esteemed local dignitaries, including the Mayor and Member of Parliament. In a poignant addition, a local Rabbi also joined the proceedings via a digital link to contribute a unique perspective.

Speaking on ‘Fragility of Freedom’

The theme of the event, ‘Fragility of Freedom,’ prompted each high school to delve into a specific aspect. Witton Park Academy’s dedicated segment focused on ‘Risks to Freedom not Appreciated.’ This challenging theme required thoughtful consideration, and our students rose to the occasion with resilience and grace.

Student-Led Speech: A Triumph of Preparation

Remarkably, the students independently crafted their speech without external support, showcasing their research skills, critical thinking, and understanding of the event’s significance. After meticulous rehearsal, they delivered their speeches flawlessly, making a lasting impression on everyone present.

A Resounding Success and Acknowledgment

The students’ performance not only garnered praise but positioned them as standout public speakers within the Chambers. Their articulate delivery, deep comprehension of the theme, and overall professionalism truly set them apart.

Commendable Achievements

Our heartfelt congratulations go to Phoebe Atkinson, Hafsa Naheem, Elsa Anghel, Hamza Patel, Mohammed Hassan Patel, and Mohamed Kadu for their exceptional representation of Witton Park Academy. Their achievements reflect not only their individual talents but also the school’s commitment to nurturing confident, socially aware, and articulate young leaders.

A Testament to Witton Park Academy Values

This event serves as a testament to Witton Park Academy’s dedication to fostering a sense of responsibility, global awareness, and empathy in our students. We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals who contribute meaningfully to the world around them.