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Shakespeare Festival Apprasial

8 December, 2016

Our students’ production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream as part of the Shakespeare Schools Festival is reviewed below by the Festival’s stage director. Click below to read Nuala’s appraisal.

“Trip away, make not stay;

Meet me all by break of day”


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Produced and Performed by
Witton Park Academy

Thwaites Empire Blackburn
20 October 2016

Appraised by Nuala Maguire

Many congratulations to the cast and crew of Witton Park Academy on their fantastic production! I’d like to highlight a few things from this group that stood out, wowed the audience and made this Shakespeare Schools Festival night an evening to remember.

This was fantastic, clear storytelling with expert stagecraft by the ensemble, making some excellent choices which were notably clever and precise, especially the use of the umbrellas to help conceal and reveal the magic in the woods!

There was a high-spirited and energetic pace throughout, and this helped the production to be comedic and colourful in its final performance, with laugh-out-loud moments when we met the mechanicals.

The creation of this world on stage was enhanced by the professional standard of the production students, whose hard work and attention to detail took this play to the next level through their wonderful use of lighting and sound.

The relationships built onstage were heart warming and believable from the lovers through to the fairies and mechanicals. This was a real joy to watch!

Witton Park Academy’s Midsummer Night’s Dream was a marvellously, majestic and atmospheric piece from an energetic and mature cast!

“In the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death it is a joy to see the spirit and excitement of Shakespeare kept alive by these young people.”

Ruth Brock, SSF Chief Executive

I would like to congratulate everyone involved in this superb production. I hope to see your school in the Festival again next year.

Nuala Maguire
SSF Stage Director