The Reading Curriculum

Mission Statement: “Every child has the right to read. Reading is the door through which children can escape into imaginary worlds, better understand the world in which they live and find the Exit route in an emergency.”

Experience the love of reading


Every pupil at Witton Park Academy will be taught to read with fluency and understanding. We find it vital that every single pupil leaving our school has developed the skills and confidence to read increasingly challenging texts independently in order for them to access the wider world. Fundamentally, we want our students to be equipped with the necessary functional skills of decoding and comprehending words, sentences and texts as well as finding meaning and enjoyment in the texts that we read together.
The Reading Curriculum’s “taught” lessons run alongside the Accelerated Reading lessons as well as bespoke intervention reading sessions for students who need more targeted support and intervention. Vocabulary is explicitly and systematically taught to enable students to understand the relationships between words and nuances of meaning. A wide vocabulary will empower students to articulate their thoughts, emotions and ideas effectively as well as enabling them to engage more deeply with the written and spoken word.
Watch the ‘Parent’s Guide’ screencast to gain ideas on how to support your child's independent reading at home. The Subject Specific Reading Recommendations help us to celebrate reading across the curriculum and your child pursue a subject interest beyond the classroom. You will find the texts are worthwhile, easily available and accessible.

A Reading Checklist

To track and support your child’s reading journey, focus on these examples of techniques and activities which can be used to engage with and understand a text.


Reading Strategies

Reading is a skill that is used in all subject areas and can greatly increase or decrease a student’s success in the classroom. If your child is struggling to access a text there are a range of strategies here they can use to translate print into meaning. These strategies are essential for those struggling to make sense of the text they are reading.

September Reading Newsletter

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