Learning Together
Achieving Together
Working Together
Stronger Together
Growing Together
Succeeding Together

“From the start of Year 7, students work together with people from different backgrounds, areas, and abilities. We are placed in many different classes and settings in school, to help us to improve our social skills, and to prepare us for the future.” Year 9 Pupil

We provide many opportunities for pupils to collaborate with others throughout their time at Witton Park, both in school and beyond.

Visitors to school, and those who host us on visits and trips, are overwhelmingly impressed with pupils, on their approach to learning and the way in which they conduct themselves whilst working together or leading others.

However, we constantly seek ways to improve how we work together. Our Chromebooks for Learning Scheme is a good example of the opportunities for pupils to work collaboratively to support each other.

In addition, our move into the Achievement through Collaboration multi academy trust is a significant step by the school to widen horizons for both pupils and staff.

To support and accelerate learning, we are investing in your child’s future