Witton Park Academy Prospectus 2020

Witton Park Academy is part of
Achievement through Collaboration -
a multi-academy trust. In addition to
benefiting from the shared expertise
available in our schools, we all work to
three guiding principles.
The three guiding principles underpinning
our work and decision-making:
a) Children come first; they are at the
heart of all we do;
b) Positive relationships underpin all of
our work;
c) High expectations, no barriers –
everyone can achieve.
Each of our schools has its own
character and community, but all
have these principles.
Witton Park is a very successful school;
I am proud of the accomplishments of
both pupils and staff.
Dean Logan
CEO, Achievement through Collaboration

Succeeding Together

With a common purpose and sense
of belonging, we succeed together.
Witton Park is a school with great
character and a passion for achieving
the best outcomes for all pupils.
Our success is firmly rooted in
developing positive relationships with
pupils and parents. Knowing pupils
as individuals and working closely with
our parents makes a significant difference
in achievement.
We place a great emphasis on providing
a calm, supportive and academically
challenging learning environment.
To see this first hand, you are welcome
to visit and experience the sense of
purpose in school.
Succeeding together lies at the centre of
all that we do. This can be seen through
our innovative approach to learning
which capitalises on collaboration and
high expectations.
Andy Burton
Associate Headteacher

Learning Together

“This school focuses a lot on learning together in our classes, as groups and in year groups. Teachers also give students one-to-one feedback, where pupils are able to learn in detail and improve.”
Year 10 Pupil

Fundamentally, we believe that pupils
should be happy at school, feel safe
and enjoy learning.
To achieve and maintain these goals,
we set high expectations on attendance
and behaviour which clearly set the right
tone for a positive attitude to learning
and achievement.

Our latest developments include
Chromebooks for Learning in our
partnership with Google. This creates
additional opportunities for pupils both in
school and at home. Combine this with
our move into a multi-academy trust,
and the opportunities for collaborative
learning expand further.

Achieving Together

“Pupils are always pushed to achieve more and to never just stop at our target grade. Teachers also put together extra classes after school and in the mornings for students of a high ability and for those who need more support. The school makes sure that we all achieve our best.”
Year 10 Prefect

Having created the productive learning
environment you expect, we have the
platform for success.
We have the expectation that each pupil
will do their best, work hard and receive
expert teaching to assist them to reach
their goals/targets.
Underpinning learning is a robust
tracking and monitoring system which
records progress and sets targets for
improvement; this combined with
parental support provides everything
needed to succeed.

Working Together

We provide many opportunities for pupils to collaborate with others throughout their time at Witton Park, both in school and beyond.

Visitors to school, and those who host us on visits and trips, are overwhelmingly impressed with pupils, on their approach to learning and the way in which they conduct themselves whilst working together or leading others.

However, we constantly seek ways to improve how we work together. Our Chromebooks for Learning Scheme is a good example of the opportunities for pupils to work collaboratively to support each other.

In addition, our move into the Achievement through Collaboration multi academy trust is a significant step by the school to widen horizons for both pupils and staff.

“From the start of Year 7, students work together with people from different backgrounds, areas, and abilities. We are placed in many different classes and settings in school, to help us to improve our social skills, and to prepare us for the future.” Year 9 Pupil