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Operating Theatre Live 29/6/16

4 July, 2016

The Hall became a surgical theatre and laboratory for our students to practise medicine!

Drama in the theatre!Operating Theatre Live visited school and taught students about surgery and anatomy. This exciting taster day brought science to life in the context of one of the most demanding professions in the world – Medical Surgery.

OPL logoStudents performed hands-on dissections and surgery-based activities, working alongside a medical anatomist to observe the dissection of a real gastrointestinal track and comparing real organs with those from schematic diagrams. They used surgical techniques to carry out a real heart transplant and a full dissection of a brain.

The organs used were from animals and were chosen to be structurally similar to corresponding human organs so that the experience was as close as possible to that of a practising surgeon.


Here’s our video of the event:


More pictures below – click to enlarge.


Service users
Service users queueing patiently for their appointments.


Ready for surgery
Patients etherised upon a table.


IMG_20160629_102656 (Medium)
Let operations commence!


Team at work


Tools of the trade
Tools of the trade.




Hard at work.