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Macbeth performance appraised by Nuala Maguire

14 December, 2017

I would like to offer sincere thanks and congratulations to Witton Park Academy for your
wonderful production of Macbeth

as part of the 2017 Shakespeare Schools Festival.
Students and teachers alike have put hard work, imagination, determination and passion
into this production, and were a credit to the school. I’d like to take this opportunity to
highlight just a few fantastic moments that you should be especially proud of.

I was so impressed with the professional approach that the company showed
throughout the day and in their production. The performance was polished and pacey
from start to finish.

This was a visually stunning piece. I loved the sombre tone of Banquo’s presence with
the resourceful and creative use of rails and materials to produce effective silhouettes.

The stagecraft throughout was thrilling as the company used movement effectively to
transport the audience into Birnam Wood. A skilled understanding of pace and
dynamics were used to build atmosphere which was highly engaging for the audience.

This was a high-spirited and mature performance full of strong characterisations. The
company impressively took on board new direction and ideas earlier in the day with
ease and professionalism, and the technical students surpassed themselves with
excellent lighting choices.

This was a moody, macabre and moving Macbeth. What an excellent show!
Congratulations to everyone involved in this superb production. I hope to see
Witton Park Academy in the Festival again next year.

Nuala Maguire