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Witton Park Academy has assisted in the development of the Digital Healthy Schools App which enables young people and their families to select and evaluate the numerous health apps available through our personal devices. You can view WPA’s participation from the link below.

In addition you can sign up to this tool from this link

At Witton Park Academy, we believe that utilising new technologies and approaches to healthcare can help all of us stay healthy so that we can achieve to the best of our abilities. Increasing numbers of students use apps to monitor their sleep patterns, diet and physical activity to ensure that they are in good health to learn and participate in the life of our school community.

Google Leadership

At Witton Park Academy, Google for Education is the backbone of everything we do. It is the foundation that we build upon, to provide teaching and learning that is empowered by integrating technology. These steps help us provide innovative methods of learning for our students, that allows them to build their skills in key areas such as critical thinking and collaboration.


To help drive these methods, Witton Park Academy has a range of expertise from Google for Education tools in general, to 3rd-party integrations, to getting the most out of accessibility features built into our Chromebooks. We have a Google Lead and an EDTech Lead for Teaching & Learning, they are both Google Certified Trainers, and the EDTech Lead is also a Google Certified Innovator – the highest and most prestigious accolade from Google. Together they have upskilled our teachers exponentially.


We currently have over 75% of teaching staff holding the Google Certified Educator Level One certification, with a good number already holding Level Two and many actively working towards it. The knowledge and expertise doesn’t stop there, the majority of our teachers also hold further certifications and accreditations in 3rd-party applications that integrate with GSuite and Chromebooks. Some teachers have become Brand Ambassadors for these tools, helping to train our staff and other schools. Each tool offers something different to help with providing quality lessons to our students. We will continue to develop skills and knowledge in these areas as the impact is highly positive.

Witton Park Academy has been a Google Reference School since 2017; this is a very prestigious accolade, and everyone at Witton Park Academy is proud of this achievement.


Being a Google Reference School means we are a school that has recognition from Google for our outstanding use of technology, and how we use it to drive positive learning outcomes. We agree to host visitors on-site, share advice, tips and best practices, host events, and more. All within the aim of benefiting the wider education community.


We recognise that our students’ lives are filled with technology and we want them to feel at ease in this rapidly changing climate. By using Google for Education and our 1:1 Chromebook device scheme, we can enable students to become well-informed, responsible digital citizens and lifelong learners. We are clear about what we want our students and staff to achieve with the use of technology in education.


Witton Park Academy uses technology to inspire and help nurture students to become independent and curious learners. The technology is knowledge enhancing, and allows us to make positive changes that lead onto a positive impact on our students’ lives.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and our trauma informed culture.

Witton Park Academy is at the forefront of a growing social movement that recognises the potentially life long impact of negative experiences in childhood. Research proves that physical health can be impacted by the nature of a young person’s early life experiences and that how we relate to each other as individuals can help to mitigate the effects of past and current negative experiences. This is a movement in development and the first step is learning what ACEs are and how they impact on our lives. The short film from our colleagues at BwD public health gives an introduction to this vitally important subject.

At Witton Park Academy, we firmly believe that great communication between staff, students and their families can build positive relationships that support a young person to thrive. Our support is never judgemental and is freely given because we acknowledge that all of our lives will contain periods of difficulty that can be overcome if we learn to self-regulate our emotions and learn to accept reality for itself to enable us to function during crises.

We aim to assist our staff and students to develop effective interpersonal skills that support the good relationships we have at Witton Park Academy and with the wider community that we serve. ACEs can be overcome and importantly awareness can help us to prevent them occurring in the first place.

Within Witton Park Academy, we have developed a range of sophisticated responses to ACEs and the mental health of our students and staff. We collectively learn about the science of emotions and techniques to enable us to self-regulate. We offer coaching for those of our school community that need support and guidance in developing those self-regulation skills. Information about these techniques and the work that we do in school will be shared with parents through information evenings.

It is important that each of us realise that we have a role to play as citizens in creating a supportive and compassionate society as we all face the long term consequences of ignoring the impact of trauma on our fellow citizens. Witton Park Academy is proud to have worked with Blackburn with Darwen Council, Lancashire Constabulary, the NHS, Public Health England, Public Health Wales and local partners to further our understanding and effectiveness in dealing with ACEs and similar health and wellbeing issues.

In 2017, Witton Park Academy became a UCL Beacon School for Holocaust education. Key staff attended a one week course in London to understand the research findings conducted by the Centre for Holocaust education. These findings revealed that many students have an incomplete understanding of the causes, nature and impact of the Holocaust.

Following a four day study visit to Warsaw, a programme of study was devised to fully educate students about the complexity of the Holocaust. How and why did it happen? Who other than Hitler was responsible? What thinking skills do we need to engender to stop events like this happening again?

The Holocaust programme is delivered as part of the Academy’s new resilience curriculum Mpower Me. Feedback from students has shown that they are increasing their substantive knowledge of the Holocaust through investigations which are correcting misconceptions. In addition, pupils are now able to explain the complexity of the issues surrounding this atrocity.