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Head Boy – Muhammed Bapu


Hello! My name is Muhammed Bapu, I am the Head Boy of Witton Park Academy and the Deputy Youth MP of Blackburn and Darwen.


As a student within the school community the position of Head Boy was always portrayed as a position of major responsibility. This was solely based on the values of Witton and the demands of being able to support the school with innovative ideas and a structure that would last to support my peers with absorbing the environment at Witton and contributing in every way possible towards not only the Witton Community but also the local community.


I applied for the position of Head Boy towards the end of Year 10, which was more difficult due to the pandemic just setting in, preventing me from being able to express my vision of the Prefect Team and Head Boy position to the younger years in person. I was confident in the fact that in the past year I had gained a lot of experience from being in the position of Deputy Youth MP and working across the borough. I had also been heavily involved in contributing to the school environment in many ways and also taking time as I progressed through the school to build strong relationships with the different year groups, ensuring that the students felt my passion and dedication for the school.


I was appointed as the Head Boy in June. Immediately beginning to work with the formed Prefect Team and ensuring that we strengthen the stature of the role, focusing on being as innovative as possible solely based upon a student formed body of ideas whilst integrating our work into the local community and strengthening the school atmosphere/environment.


What I enjoy most about Witton is the values and diversity that we have, something that emphasises our motto of ‘Succeeding Together’. Having this diversity does not only build up our confidence as students but also as individuals able to express themselves in the most comfortable and welcoming environment. 


I am extremely happy to be in this position and will continue to express my utmost passion and dedication to being successful within this position and contributing to the Witton Community!


Head Girl – Mubasshira

I attended St Silas Primary School

I chose Witton because it was a school which was in close proximity to me. It also had many values which I stood by and appreciated. I also felt that it would be a safe environment for me which would allow me and my personality to grow and flourish. Furthermore, I had received stellar reviews from students who had previously attended/ were attending Witton Park Academy.

I wanted to be a prefect/head girl as I saw it as an excellent opportunity to contribute back to our school and our community. I felt this immensely due to the fact that the school has welcomed me and allowed my character to grow so I felt that I should give back even if it is just becoming a prefect and giving a helping hand around school. It will not only help me in future but will also allow me to help and meet people I wouldn’t have been able to in usual circumstances. Taking on this position meant that I was capable of being a role model to younger students and allowed me to represent the school. I wish to see the school thrive and felt that this would be the best way to doing so.

The main reason why I enjoy being at school are the values which the school constantly promotes such as diversity; this makes students feel very welcomed and accepted. It also creates a sense of community within the school and allows us to understand one another. We also promote things such as anti-bullying and tackle things related to this very effectively making the environment within the school feel much safer and more secure. The school has also genuinely helped in growing my confidence which was at a bare minimum level when I joined and now I am confident not only in my abilities but in myself too. It has allowed my personality to grow and flourish leaving me comfortable in my own skin and has allowed me to make many friends that may last a lifetime.

I aspire to either go into Medicine or Politics in future. These are very competitive fields which can sometimes feel very daunting; however, I feel that school has prepared me for these prospects successfully. They do this via many events including bringing possible colleges and other further education establishments into school to chat with us along with allowing us to visit prospective establishments in order to help us with the decisions making it seem less daunting. We also have a careers adviser within school which we are able to book appointments with; this allows us to get a clearer understanding of the possible fields we can go into and provides us with information to allow us to make an informed decision.

“We are pushed to never just stop at our target grade.”

Year 10 Prefect

“All the staff have helped me learn and achieve my goals.”

Sanah, Year 7

"The school has helped me grow by supporting me in every lesson."

Aliyah, Year 10

"This school focuses a lot on learning together."

Year 10 Pupil