Pastoral Tutor Time

Pastoral System Year Leaders / Assistants

  • Year 7 James Hatton
  • Year 8 Georgina Hughes/Lyndsey Thompson
  • Year 9 Kelcy Ashworth
  • Year 10 Louise Barratt / Laura Hinde
  • Year 11 Andrea Smith

Year Groups

Year groups are designated specific areas of the school for tutor time.  Each year group has a different colour tie and piping on blazers, which creates their own identity and makes each year group easy to identify.  Each year group keeps the same colour from Years 7-11, along with the same Year Leader for the five years.

Tutor Group Colours

  • Year 7 – ROYAL BLUE
  • Year 8 – PURPLE
  • Year 9 – RED
  • Year 10 – LIGHT BLUE
  • Year 11 – GREEN

Tutor Time

Tutor time is very structured, with activities planned for each day.  Tutor time fully promotes and encompasses the LORIC principles and Pixl.  Further information on these can be found on the website.

Tutor time activities include:

  • Standards checks
  • Attendance/Ace points/behaviour analysis
  • Pixl Edge
  • PSE
  • Assemblies

“We are pushed to never just stop at our target grade.”

Year 10 Prefect

“All the staff have helped me learn and achieve my goals.”

Sanah, Year 7

"The school has helped me grow by supporting me in every lesson."

Aliyah, Year 10

"This school focuses a lot on learning together."

Year 10 Pupil