Dear Parents/Carers

2021 National Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

We have implemented delivery of the Government funded free school meal voucher scheme for entitled pupils.

  • The value of each weekly voucher is £15.00 per child each week.
  • One voucher will be issued for all eligible children in the household. Vouchers will also be grouped together covering a number of weeks.
  • Voucher e-codes will be sent by e-mail, the e-mail will be from Add this address to your in box contacts so the e-mail does not end up in the junk folder.
  • The email will contain a 16 digit e-code and will show the voucher value. See the instructions in the guide above on how to redeem the e-code for an eGift voucher.
  • Voucher e-codes should be redeemed within one month of receipt otherwise the e-code will expire. Expired codes cannot be reissued.
  • The vouchers can only be used to purchase food and groceries.
  • For those pupils who are attending school, we will continue to provide a school meal instead of issuing vouchers.
  • Should you have any difficulty redeeming the vouchers please click on the following help guides:


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