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Harry Potter cooking competition


The competition had three elements; Creative Kitchen Challenge, Creative Display Challenge and Creative Marketing.


We had three groups of two working on each challenge. The group winner would go through to be judged against other group winners where they would determine the overall winner of the competition. 


Our students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of competing against other schools. The experience they gained from this was extremely positive and very encouraging to push themselves to rise to the challenge of competition.  


Creative Display…


In our section of the challenge, we created and displayed a cake stand based on a Harry Potter theme. We spent our day in the workshop using different materials and techniques to assemble the cake stand. We experienced the different aspects that creative design can offer and the different jobs that are possible through it. The workshop was educational and fun and overall was a good experience to have at a younger age.


Creative Marketing… 


For our part of the challenge, we had to come up with a short story that included : a new spell, a new character and a new beast. After coming up with a story we had to type it out on a website that they made and published the website. We then had to post our story on social media websites : Facebook and Twitter. We had a fun time coming up with the story. We also enjoyed learning how to promote things on social media.


Creative Kitchen…


We were asked to create a feast for the Harry Potter theme banqueting table, we baked cakes that linked to the three tasks that the characters had to perform in. We baked a chocolate cake for the sorting hat, fiery sausage rolls and chicken wings for the challenge with the dragon and a maze cake for the final task.