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Witton Park Academy ACEs consultation and publishing success is acknowledgement of innovation in mental health and well-being work
For a number of years, Witton Park has been innovating approaches to student welfare. Since 2016, particular work has focused on the field of trauma-informed care, developed in response to research from Blackburn with Darwen Public Health, that builds on the groundbreaking work conducted by Jim Sporleder in Walla Walla, Washington State. Jim Sporleder’s work revolves around understanding the effects of and responses to adverse childhood experiences ACEs and the associated negative impact of trauma on brain and child development.
Over the past couple of years, staff have been increasingly consulted to advise on implementing cultural change, working with schools in and beyond the region to share and enable good practice.  Another recent consequence of this rising profile of expertise in Mental Health and Wellbeing, came in the form of a request from Schools Week to review a new book published by  John Catt Educational.