Upholding British Values

Witton Park Academy seeks to uphold British values by fostering a culture of tolerance and respect through open discussion and a well crafted curriculum.

Pupils bring with them diverse values from different ethnic and religious heritages. Our role is to help pupils develop a common set of values based on the themes of respect, tolerance and upholding the laws of this country.

We have done this by:

  • Developing a discrete British values curriculum for year 9 (see the link below) exploring themes such as ‘What makes someone an extremist?’ and ‘What is a British education?’
  • Delivery of a strong RE curriculum which focuses on ethical themes such as the relationship between religious and secular laws, the use of protest in a non–violent way and respect for different cultures.
  • The development of respect for democracy through participation. The pupil council elections allows for voting and representative democracy.
  • Providing extra curricular activities such as the Academy’s involvement with Remembering Srebrenica including a residential visit and organising an annual memorial to the victims of Genocide at Blackburn Cathedral. Annual events including speakers to mark Holocaust Memorial Day, democracy from the House of Lords, Lords in schools programme and the charity Solutions not Sides -Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Providing a PSHEE programme including citizenship and safe use of the internet
  • E-Safety training.
  • Providing prayer facilities for pupils.
  • Developing links with faith based organisations such as the Blackburn Interfaith forum and local mosques and churches. Witton Park Academy hosted a RE conference for BwD schools, which included 15 speakers from different traditions, cultures and religions.

Witton Park Academy provides a high standard of care in relation to safeguarding pupils. We have dedicated staff trained by the police in the PREVENT, WRAP and CHANNEL agendas, all staff have received training about referring pupils they have concerns about, we have a mentoring and monitoring programme in place for any pupils whose behaviour is causing concern which will encompass this agenda within its approach.

The key principle in school is to give our pupils a sense of belonging and to feel part of the school and local community. Our school is diverse and inclusive, our specialist staff are passionate, knowledgeable, trusted and respected by both the community and authorities we work closely with which has been successful in creating a harmonious community.

Click to view our British Values Curriculum for Year 9.

“We are pushed to never just stop at our target grade.”

Year 10 Prefect

“All the staff have helped me learn and achieve my goals.”

Sanah, Year 7

"The school has helped me grow by supporting me in every lesson."

Aliyah, Year 10

"This school focuses a lot on learning together."

Year 10 Pupil