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The Youth Ambassadors represent the community and help think of ways in which we can unite together. One of the we want to achieve this is on the 27th March, Blackburn Rovers is holding a Sleepout event in which people would spend the night in the Rover’s stadium on cardboard boxes to experience what it’s like for homeless people.


Students will not be participating within the Sleepout, but as Youth Ambassadors, we would like to raise money for the event. The money raised will go to charities that help and support homeless people and people who are in financial difficulties. We would like Witton Park Academy help raise money for this cause.

In school we are aiming to have a bake sale in the near future as a way of raising money. We are also creating small care packages too. We would like people to donate items such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap – just toiletries in general – and non-perishable food to then give to those charities.


To make this more engaging and to have more students involved, this will be in the form of a competition. Each tutor will have a box or bag and tutor group with the most amount of items with win a prize. Once the boxes or bags are full, the Youth Ambassadors will put those items into little packages for the homeless.


We hope you can help us with our mission and any contributions are greatly appreciated.