Students returning to school in September 2020 dates:

2nd September - Year 7 and 11, 7th September - Year 10, 9th September - Year 8, 10th September - Year 9


Witton Park proud to support the community


Year 7 Transition 2020


Year 10! Download you Academic Tutorial Curriculum File here


Succeeding Together

Innovating… Engaging… Caring… Learning… Succeeding Together. With pride and passion, we unite our school and our local community, and lead the drive to be ‘always learning’.

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“We are pushed to never just stop at our target grade.”

Year 10 Prefect

“All the staff have helped me learn and achieve my goals.”

Sanah, Year 7

"The school has helped me grow by supporting me in every lesson."

Aliyah, Year 10

"This school focuses a lot on learning together."

Year 10 Pupil